I admire Microsoft’s honesty

A user was trying to record something in streams and share it with a vendor. Now this is all complicated anyway because Microsoft used to record directly to streams, then stopped for lower licensed but kept it for the upper ones last year, and now they are moving to onedrive entirely and not using streams (which I’m pretty sure is just a skin on sharepoint like onedrive is anyway but I digress…)

So I’m trying to find why the user can’t do this and find this article. To quote:

This error occurs because Stream can’t currently share to external users. This includes Azure Business to Business users.

What is the workaround, you may ask. I’m glad you did!

To work around this issue, store the video in another location. For example, add the video to a SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Library location that enables external sharing, and then share the video to the external users.

In short. Streams can’t share externally, and the workaround is not to use streams. Microsoft Video is still around and it looks like they are killing off streams too. At least they are moving to OneDrive.

Please don’t

Quick one here. Outlook is ‘trying’ to be helpful

Yes it wanted to junk all emails from myself. Of course the obvious question is “why on earth are you emailing yourself”, but I was emailing the company something, and so BCCd everyone